On this page, any employer can check the validity of your certificate*
For simulation enter the number: 1248392752


Note! to check the validity of the certificate must specify some information that is name checking a person, position, company name and E-mail address, which will receive a password to log on to a secure page on our server.

If you want to improve your chances of employment receive a certificate from STARTA.
After completing the course number 0001/0581/3553 from STARTA certificate is issued.
The cost of certification is included in the course No.0001.

Certification is made individually, depending on the result of the search traversed testing. The certificate is issued in English.

If you were educated in this field in another school, studied independently or have practical experience in the production, send us a request    on your certification, pass appropriate testing and examination is remotely (via the Internet). After checking your results (1-2 weeks from the date), you will receive a certificate of a registered letter.

The cost of certification (without learning in STARTA) - USD 100

Submit a request and also learn additional information by e-mail: info@starta.pl